Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!


Who is a father?
A father is the one
who picks us up
when we fall down.

He says, “It’s okay, you can do it”
“You just have to keep trying.”
He then pushes us back
to climb the mountains of life.

Who is a father?
He is the golden knight
who fights day and night
to win bread for his family
to assure the success of his posterity.

Who is a father?
He is the mentor
that I always look up to.
He is the explorer
that paves the path to success.

Lastly, he is the Dad
that never ceases to care
and always cherishes us with love.

Ravi Tej Guntuku

Ravi Tej Guntuku

My name is Ravi Tej Guntuku, and I am currently an 8th Grader at Bee Cave Middle School. My favorite subject in school is Math. Solving for x and y and finding the relationships between geometrical figures jump-starts my brain. Apart from school, my other hobbies include writing, playing tennis, and programming. That's all for me.

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