The Best Online Learning Resources of 2020

The Best Online Learning Resources of 2020

Shakespeare wrote his best plays and poems while he was isolated during a plague. Leonardo da Vinci was inspired by a pandemic to design a better city. So obviously, quarantine is no excuse for not learning or quitting education. But with schools being closed down en masse due to the coronavirus, it does become harder to access resources for learning. Thankfully, there are many robust online learning platforms on the internet that make it easy for anyone to learn anything at any time. In this blog, I will be highlighting five of these educational resources that can help you bloom in your field or explore another land.   


Skillshare is an online learning platform that is mainly for people who want to get the creative juices in their brain running. You can learn how to make exquisite graphic designs, fine tune a cinematic video, or craft a beautiful prose. Currently, I am working on a creative writing course entitled “Science Fiction & Fantasy: Creating Unique and Powerful Worlds” taught by a writer and author named Lincoln Michel. Most courses on Skillshare, like the one I mentioned before, are taught by experts in their field. However, to access these high quality courses, you must subscribe to Skillshare Premium. If you want to try this course platform before paying the money, click here* to get two months of Skillshare Premium for free when you subscribe from the website(Note: you still have to enter your credit card information to get this limited time offer). 


On the contrary to Skillshare, Udemy is an online learning platform meant for learning all things related to computer science. If learning to program, developing a mobile application, or achieving an IT certification is appealing to you, Udemy is for you. Like Skillshare, Udemy courses are taught by instructors around the world. Udemy, however, is free to sign up for and the only expense to your account is when you buy a course. Most courses on Udemy can be bought for under 20 dollars, and some courses are free. Udemy also offers lots of discounts from time to time, so sometimes, you can grab a $200 course for just 10 bucks. So what are you waiting for, computer science enthusiasts? Sign up for Udemy today!


edX is a course platform built and taught by professors in Harvard, MIT, and other accredited institutions for free. You can learn mathematics, humanities, and general science at a college level. The edX courses’ content are lectures, so the videos can be up to 2 hours long. Currently, I am doing a CS50 Web Programming Harvard course, and these lectures made me understand how and why of Computer Science. Obviously, the quality of the content of these courses are unquestionable, for they are taught by the best professors. So if you want to learn at a college level, sign up at today.


Do you want to learn mind-boggling analytical concepts fed to you in a teaspoon? Well, this learning app allows you to learn math, science, and computer science in an easy to learn way. There are many interactive simulators in each course that allow you to understand any topic through experimentation. The topics are taught through quizzes with these interactive simulators. Not only does Brilliant have an excellent UI, it also teaches you the why and how for each problem. For example, while I was doing a 3D Geometry figure course, Brilliant explains that cross sections in 3D figures are like images from an MRI, and the simulator helps solidify the concept in your brain. Next, Brilliant is great for prepping up for competitive and timed exams because it teaches you the fastest way to solve a problem; it even has two courses dedicated to contest math. Finally, Brilliant is a “freemium” app; this means that some content is free, but to access all the content, you need to pay a monthly/yearly fee. If you just want to take a glance at each course topic, the free version is more than sufficient. But if you are preparing seriously for a Math/Science competition, I would recommend paying the money and accessing all the course content. To learn more about Brilliant!, click here and sign up today!

Khan Academy

Lastly, but definitely not least, Khan Academy is a non-profit organization founded by Sal Khan that is dedicated to giving every school-aged child the gift of learning. From pre-grade to secondary education, Khan Academy offers a wide variety of courses fit for each grade level, including high school AP® courses. In addition, Khan Academy offers free official SAT practice(they tied up with CollegeBoard) with over hundreds of practice questions, so those who were supposed to take the SAT this year can still continue preparing with Khan. Amidst this COVID-19 situation, Khan Academy also created age-appropriate schedules and other resources for online learning. Lastly, for those who find it in their heart to do so, please help Khan Academy philanthropically by donating; every penny goes toward improving this learning website and helping children around the world. If you are a student and haven’t done so already, click on this link and sign up for free.

So there you have it; described above are five online learning platforms, their purpose, and their price. Since none of these have a mandatory up-front cost, what I would suggest is to sign up for all of these platforms today and start getting your learning cap on. Like William Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci, we should make it our goal to venture past this lockdown as better and transformed versions of ourselves.



  1. *This is my personal Skillshare referral link.
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