Prioritization: the Clock is Ticking

Prioritization: the Clock is Ticking

Have you ever stayed up late all night because you procrastinated finishing your homework? Or did you have a goal that you want to accomplish but you haven’t even started on it because it’s too much work? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, I will be talking about the antidote to procrastination: prioritization.

“I couldn’t do my work because I didn’t have time.” I am sure all of you are guilty of saying the above statement. But if Stephen Covey was here, he would respond, “the key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” So that brings us to the topic: what is prioritization?. Prioritization is the ability to organize potential activities from most urgent to least. Basically, it means do first things first, and last things last. But just knowing what prioritization won’t protect you from procrastination. You need to use this strategy in day to day life. Described below are some of the strategies you can use to better improve prioritization and fight off procrastination.

Complete the work piece by piece:

Imagine that your teacher assigns you a 30-page report that is due in thirty days. Some people might be tempted to turn on the TV and hold off the report until the last day. DO NOT DO THAT! Staying up until midnight to finish a 30-page essay usually will not yield good results. So instead, just finish the essay 1 page a day. Working for an hour a day instead of trying to finish a thirty hour task in one day can yield way better results. If you have a problem getting distracted, tune these distractions out; there are many extensions and apps that can prevent you from getting distracted on your phone.

Make and Enforce a to-do list:

Establishing a to-do list in order of priorities is another way to defend against procrastination. For example, if you have 2 things to do: an essay that is due next month and a math assignment that is due tomorrow, do the math assignment because that’s the first thing to do. But sometimes, it isn’t that easy to know what to do first, and you could get sidetracked by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Making a to-do list allows you to organize your activities in one place and helps you to not forget to do anything. But just making a list and not following it is not useful either. While doing an activity, you have to immerse your whole mind and body in that task. That way, you can be efficient in the way you do your work and also avoid procrastination.

Make the consequences of procrastination more evident:

The main reason why people procrastinate on some things is because the consequences of their lack of action are not evident immediately. For example, if you skipped your daily workout for a week, you will not see the detrimental consequences until a few months. But if you exercise with your friend in the gym every day, you will be obliged to go, because if you don’t go for a few days, your friend might regard you as a jerk. But if you want to approach this problem in a more optimistic way, you can reward yourself for working out by watching TV for 30 minutes. 

In conclusion, I hope that this article gave you a few tips that can protect you from procrastination and better your prioritization. So the next time you see a person saying that, “I don’t have time to do my work,” just respond, “there is no such thing as a lack of time, just a lack of prioritization.”

Ravi Tej Guntuku

Ravi Tej Guntuku

Hello! My name is Ravi Tej Guntuku, and I am a student at Lake Travis High School. This blog showcases some of my views and interests in the fields of Math, Philosophy, Technology, Creative Writing, and more. By reading these articles, I hope that you can learn a bit more about me and the world around us! That's all for now!

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  1. Krish Bavana
    Krish Bavana says:

    Such a brilliant one Tej! I hope these new beginnings will be a great memory to cherish for life! Keep writing and keep sharing❤️

    1. Ravi Tej Guntuku
      Ravi Tej Guntuku says:

      Thank you Chaithu Anaya. You were my inspiration for starting a blogging website.

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