Environmentalism: How to Cleanse the Earth

Environmentalism: How to Cleanse the Earth

Green. Green is the color of life, nature, and hope. Green is also the color of the Earth. But slowly, day by day, this beautiful, green Earth is turning into a brown, polluted, and uninhabitable planet. Every day, ocean acidification, water and air pollution, and energy wastage threaten the face of this planet. But we as a human race cannot allow this. In this blog, I will be discussing the impact of pollution on planet sustainability and how we as a human race can fight this growing problem.

The Facts:

Before I continue describing the regulations the government and citizens can employ for a more green planet, it is important to know the facts about pollution. Did you know that energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission contribute for a large portion of worldwide pollution? This is true. According to iea.org, world energy consumption has doubled since 2018 and continues to rise exponentially. Because of this, carbon-dioxide emissions rose by 1.7% last year and set a new world record. Based on this information, you now know that to control pollution, we must control energy consumption and raise environmental awareness. Described below are a few solutions that can make this planet green again.

Construct energy-efficient homes throughout the world:

One way the government can ensure better planet sustainability is by constructing energy-efficient homes throughout the world. According to ecowatch.com, a company called Archiblox constructs prefabricated homes in Australia that produce more energy than they use. These homes are still livable, accessible, and affordable. If this prefabricated home was introduced throughout the world, world energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, and our utility bills could be drastically reduced. It’s a win-win situation.

Citizens should do the right thing for the planet:

Of course, it is not just the government’s job to protect the Earth; in the end, we are all responsible for doing the right thing for the planet. One way we can conserve pollution at our home is by recycling. According to sciencing.com, recycling and reusing can reduce air pollution by 73% and water pollution by 35%. That’s a substantial decrease in pollution, and it all starts at your home. So instead of throwing paper and plastic in the garbage can, walk a few more steps and throw it in the recycling bin. Another way that you can impact the world is by reducing energy consumption at your home. For example, don’t use lights when it’s daytime, reduce water consumption, and turn off electrical appliances when not in use. These few simple actions can definitely turn this world into a greener planet.

So these are a few ideas and tips as to how we can make this Earth a better sustainable planet. I hope that this blog has educated you on the causes of pollution and how we can stop it. As some of these government regulations are undergoing implementation, we must always remember that it is our solemn duty to protect and maintain this Earth, for we must give back to the Earth what the Earth gave us.

Ravi Tej Guntuku

Ravi Tej Guntuku

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