What is AWS?

What is AWS?

When you think about the word “Amazon”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For those of you who live in the olden days, you might think about Amazon as the rainforest in South America. For those of you who live in the present day, you might think about Amazon as the company that sells products online such as electronics, toys, games, home appliances, furniture, etc. Lots of people are also aware of Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, Amazon’s tablet and e-reader, Kindle, and Amazon’s movie streaming service, Prime Video. But besides e-commerce and manufacturing, there is another side to Amazon that not many people are aware of. This subsidiary is responsible for the majority of Amazon’s profits and is known as  Amazon Web Services or AWS. Amazon Web Services is a company that offers scalable cloud services such as compute, database management, content delivery, and much more at inexpensive costs.

What is “the Cloud”?

In order to get a better understanding of what AWS really is and the benefit of the  services it offers, one must have a general idea of what the cloud is. In terms of technology, the cloud refers to servers that are accessed on the internet. The reason the cloud is so popular is because it enables more people and more businesses to make dynamic websites at inexpensive costs. To get a good idea of how beneficial the cloud is, take an example of an enterprise company that wants its dynamic website to go global. To make the website go global, the company would need to provision data centers all over the world, and each data center would cost at least $10 million upfront, which could be a hefty amount of money for a small start-up business. If the enterprise company wanted to provision these data centers in 13 different global regions, that would equal 130 million dollars spent for the infrastructure of the website. With a data center, there are many points of failure and there is a risk of over provisioning or under provisioning IT resources. Also, setting up the data center takes lots of work and time, so it will take at least 6 months to one year to set up the infrastructure. But with the cloud, none of this is a problem. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can set up the website infrastructure and deploy these resources across multiple global regions with minimal upfront cost. This enables enterprise companies to focus on the content of the website instead of focusing on infrastructure and allows people like you and me to have our place on the web.

AWS: What and Why?

So know that you have a good idea of what the cloud is and its benefits, let’s move on to AWS. As stated in the introduction of this article, AWS is a cloud service provider that offers services for computing(servers), database management, content delivery, and so much more. But why should you use  AWS? What differentiates AWS from other cloud service providers? AWS has regions around the world, which enables anyone from anywhere to access these cloud services with low latency. AWS also offers pay as you go pricing, which enables businesses and average website owners to avoid getting locked in a contract for cloud resources. Unlike some other cloud providers, AWS has a secure and stable cloud platform; this allows enterprise companies to move to AWS without having to worry about the security and compliance of their provisioned resources. To read more about AWS Security and Compliance, click here. Also, AWS resources are scalable. This means that resources can increase or decrease based on demand with no human intervention. For example, if your dynamic website is hosted on AWS and there are unexpected traffic spikes, AWS can automatically scale compute power(servers) without the need for your intervention. Lastly, AWS resources are always Highly Available and Fault Tolerant. This means that AWS resources are always ready to use and can withstand any faults in the data center(Ex. Servers go down). Because of all these reasons, big tech companies such as Netflix and Airbnb use AWS for their cloud provider instead of building their own data centers. AWS is for everyone, from big tech companies like Netflix and Airbnb to small business owners of coffee shops that just just want their place on the web.

In conclusion, AWS is a cloud-service provider that offers services in computing, database management,content delivery, and much, much more. With AWS, your options for creating websites, solutions, and innovations are limitless. AWS allows everyone, from CEOs of enterprise companies to the ordinary blogger, to have their place on the internet. 

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